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1.Interludes for Solo Voice (Soprano) and Piano
(based on the Latin text of "The Lord's Prayer")

2. Smallville Cue

3. String Quartett No. 2 "Mystique" Death of a Princess
(based on a 12-tone row I heard right after a CNN announcement of the
death of Princess Diana)

4. String Quarett No. 1 "Changing of Seasons"
(based on the four seasons of the year in strict tonal harmony
techniques of the fugue, rondo, romance and 5/4 waltz, if you will)

5. Cue "Innocence" for CBS's "As The World Turns"

6. "My Tribute" by Andrae Couch arranged by JW for Violin and Cello

7. Piano Suite No. 2 In E-Flat Minor "Times of Solitude"